30 oct 01

Well, I've officially sold my soul to nanowrimo and have therefore become one of those "I must be insane to do this" people. I don't feel particularly insane, though. No more than usual, at any rate. I've got a used laptop computer coming to me in the mail (I used to have two of them but one was stolen and the other given away) but am otherwise ill-prepared. Instead of "I must be crazy to do this" I think I'll be going with "no plot, no practice, and something to prove." I do have something to prove afterall, don't I?

I've never gotten along well with outlines. They mock me. They throw things at the back of my head. My senior thesis *shudder* only succeeded after I gave up on the idea of planning anything out beforehand and just wrote the damn thing from Point A to Point B. I figure I'll approach my "novel" the same way. See where it goes. Chapters are for sissies, I tell you. Plot development? I laugh in the face of plot.

So maybe I'll use one of the currently empty blue spaces on your left to update my word count so you can monitor my progress. Doesn't that sound exciting? I think I'll take out my red and black magic markers and make a big carboard thermometer to hang up in my living room, like the ones people make to see how close they are to reaching their fundraising goals. Maybe I'll even post excerpts, but that's not terribly likely, is it.

You are encouraged to send me care packages of food and inspiration.