24 oct 01

So I'm on a new floor at a new desk at work in a new yellow-lighting room with other desks and no walls but walls might be coming and they keep talking about switching me to the other side so some special high-speed computer can go here but I'm fighting that and some people seem to be on my side but we'll see what happens and I haven't had much to do lately anyway but I have my own things to do like websites and banner ads and I kind of want to do nanowrimo you know mike says it would be good for me I believe "terrific" is the word he used and I have this itchy feeling like I want to do it even though I don't have much faith that I can and a laptop would be really useful but I don't have one anymore since it was stolen from me and the woman on the other side of the divider here keeps calling people up and asking for pictures of bono and I can't imagine which of our publications she could possibly need a picture of bono for but that's okay cats to the vet this morning and linus has small kidneys does she have kidney disease? and pita needs more teeth removed and they'll both be goofy toothless cats within the next two years but that's no surprise really and I should be booking flights to california but I haven't done it yet maybe tomorrow I need to mail things but have no stamps I need to mail other things but I am the hugest lamest bum ever (sorry kerry!) I went to a greek orthodox wedding last weekend which was really interesting but nobody had better try to tell me at my wedding (should I have one) that I am to be subject to my husband and I was wearing bright red and high heels and I felt girly even though I didn't really know how to put my hair up in any interesting fashion and the woman who sits behind me gave me this yummy russian chocolate wafer candy in a wrapper that has a polar bear on it and I'm loving my bookbinding class and I'm sad I'll have to skip one if I go to california but that's alright if I'm behind I need a good fabric store I need to start taking notes but instead all I'm doing is watching reruns of buffy the vampire slayer