5 july 01

Well, I missed the fireworks last night. I didn't realize that the powers that be vary the location of the East River fireworks every few years so I was standing with throngs of people in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn looking up into an empty sky while the fireworks went off up near Greenpoint. Ah well, that's life.

Anyway, there's an interactive project of sorts slated to go up on graphomanic next, but it requires some cgi scripting that's simply beyond my realm of competence so who knows when you'll be seeing that one. I also have two people who have promised me short stories, both of which I'm pretty darned excited to see (the stories, not the people. well, I'd be excited to see the people too because they both live in california and I don't. hey, they also have the same name), but they're as busy as I am these days so I'm not sure how soon we'll be seeing those either. Point is, things could be slow around here for a while I'm sorry to say. I'll do what I can. Right now, however, I seem unable to put together a sentence properly so I'll be going.