2 july 01

Amanda, it's been a long time since we've exchanged pleasantries and the such but I feel I've been hearing from you for a few months now because, gasp, I AM A MUTEAHOLIC. It's a rough thing to admit but I check it just about every time I'm on the internet. Shame on me and mine for this accursed addiction, it is unhealthy.
1. If there are any other long lost friends or characters from my past who read mute, speak up now.
2. If there are any other people who feel that reading mute is an activity that you find difficult to admit involvement in to friends and loved ones, let me know and perhaps we can start up a support group. However,
3. Mute is not, I repeat not, an accursed or unhealthy addiction.

 *        *        *

Saturday was the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, chock full of pasties and glitter and creatures from under the sea. The best part however may have been the ride down there, which involved a red convertible, me, and three blond women with scarves. It was kind of like Thelma and Louise and Marjorie and Betty. On the way back we had one more person with us of the male persuasion so it wasn't quite the same, but still very cool. Sunday was Subway Brunch #8, and I was invited to take part as the person in charge of the hidden camera. So from Inwood to the very last stop on the A train at Rockaway Park, I sat on the train with a camera hidden in a stack of boxes while David and his crew had a 4th of July BBQ on the train. There was a big grill (and a soundtrack of prerecorded grill cooking sounds), hotdogs, hamburgers, coolers with drinks, and salads. The members of the BBQ party included doctors on break from the hospital, a girl on rollerblades, a couple with a baby in a stroller, and more. It was grand. And then at the end of the day was the rain and the wind and the laziness and the napping and the other things.