13 june 01


I've been wanting to make this announcement for weeks already, when the issue was first sent out to subscribers, but I couldn't get my hot little hands on it until just now when it finally hit newsstands. So now that I've seen it with my own two eyes, I can truthfully announce that graphomanic.net has been mentioned in the July issue of Yahoo Internet Life magazine! Or at least Aya's alphabet book has. They don't really mention the site as a whole, just "A is for Absinthe". So check it out: July issue, page 74. It's the "Net Buzz" box in the middle of the page with an illustration from the book, and a caption that reads as follows: "LETTER-PERFECT: Linguists and artisans are forwarding links to A is for Absinthe, an eye popping exhibit that illustrates and defines such words as perambulate and undine." I don't know that "linguists and artisans" are actually forwarding anything anywhere, but heck, so what? I think it's pretty neat. (Nevermind that P is actually for perambulator.)