26 april 01

I am in the strangest mood today. I feel physically and emotionally...itchy. It isn't pleasant. Yesterday I got in touch again with the man who witnessed the hit and run. He said the driver of the jeep passes that same spot every morning around 7:30. Which means he must live in my neighborhood. Which means I'm going to find him. I'm going looking for that car tonight. Anybody want to come keep me company? No, I guess that doesn't sound like a very exciting way to pass the time. I spent another $90 or so this morning to have my engine flushed and then drove to the police station to pick up a form to file a civilian accident report. The form is a nightmare. The form includes tiny charts and diagrams concerning direction of travel and position in vehicle. The form wants to know about weather and roadway surface. The form doesn't realize that I can't answer any of these questions because I wasn't there. The form will not result in any action whatsoever. I nevertheless feel obligated to fill out the form and mail it to Albany. The form is mocking me. I detest the form. Picking up my car at the shop, driving to the police station, and finding a legal place to park for the day took two and a half hours. Last night I saw a Selected Shorts program at the Symphony Space. E.L. Doctorow hosted. It was very enjoyable. The night before that Brian came over and we ate Thai food and discussed collaborative art projects. We also dug up the old tapes we recorded of our band in college and discovered that while some of the stuff we created is unforgiveable, some of it is actually not so bad. Some of it I like. I can't believe I used to play in front of people, however. Sing in public? What was I thinking? Mike's everchanging top 50 always manages to remain current to my life somehow. I guess we just read a lot of the same things. Mike, when are we gonna do that thing with the paper? Mike, are you reading this?