25 april 01

1 driver's side mirror (electric) for 15-year-old Toyota Camry (after tax): $201.03
Labor for mounting mirror (after tax): $110.42

Additional Problems Found by Bay Ridge Toyota and What BRT Would Charge to Fix Them:
Rear brakes need to be cleaned and adjusted: $89.95
Tires are mix & match and need to be balanced and rotated: $68.00
New wiper blades (including entire mechanical arm): $40.00
Engine oil pan is leaking and oil is brownish color.
Replacement oil pan:$298.00
Engine flush: $129.00

What Strauss Auto at the Bottom of my Street Charges for Same:
Brakes: $30.00
Tires: $35.96
Wipers: $9.00-$15.00
Oil change: $23.00
Replacement oil pan gasket (with labor): $216.00

 *        *        *

I called the 78th precinct last night to file an accident report and was told I needed to pick up a form that I have to fill out and send to Albany within 10 days of the accident.

Just wait until I find this person. And I will find him/her.