14 jan 03


do you want to stay for the 2nd act or should we get the check? i'm ok either way.

since we've started passing notes, i'll continue to write, even tho i could probably just answer you vocally. i'm happy as a clam to stay. would you want more wine? i like your pen.

sure, bring on the wine. another bottle of the same? when norm left his last job i had him steal a whole box of these pens for me.

sure, une autre de la meme. i thought i was a pilot pen . . . :)

well, as far as i know my pen can't operate any aircraft. . . i'll keep an eye out for our waitress.


i find this "music" to be somewhat exceedingly annoying. et tu?

yeah, this is a good night. why did you put music in quotes?

annoying. did it look like "amazing?" it has been a FABULOUS nite. i especially loved the first set.

ok, i get it. damn yr handwriting! i'm enjoying the overall live-music experience but yeah identified with the 1st set more. i think i just like the chick with the poofy hair.

totally. and the one next to her is ANNOYING as hell. sorry about the handwriting. "they" always tried to get me to use a gripper--no luck. how do you feel about leaving shortly after we pay the check? by the way, i'm going to get a train ticket to ________. i'm assuming (that beyond the weirdness in general) that you and norm aren't going? it's like, hi ______, let's design wedding invitations--and here are my friends . . .

*we can leave after paying, i just have to pee again.
*i did ask norm about _________ and he seemed open to the idea but i didn't follow up. should i?
*can i design yr wedding invitations?
(going to pee now)

*when i got to the _________ airport, the closest bathroom was closed. my mom went into a lengthy explanation of the cause of urinary tract infections. it's good that you went to pee.
*re: _________. i'll email ______ and ask. it would be fun. however, if he and i are moving toward the marriage train (my god, how impetuous am i?, this all might spook him. i'll ask.
*yes, i would like for you to do the invitations. his middle name is _______. _____ is his last.

chances are norm will have too much homework to go away this weekend, but who knows. as far as invitations go--NO PRESSURE. if you ever get married, to anyone, ______ or whoever, i would be HONORED to make your invitations. but of course i would not be offended if i didn't. blah blah blah. blah, blah blah blah. Blah blah blah! blah, blah blah blah...blah!! blah blay, blah. blah blah.

i have no idea what to say. :) except that i'm direly bothered by the fact that i'm not allowed to get my own soap in the bathroom.

i know what you mean. next time i have a party, i'll have to pay someone to stand in the bathroom, holding a bar of soap (because i don't have liquid soap).

ps. as a jew whose family didn't get to this country until LONG LONG AFTER the civil war, the music is totally alienating me. does that make me a bad person?

my next comment was going to be--are all of his songs about the civil war? and then--why does the girl with the poofy hair keep touching herself? and then--we should take these notes with us.

what the hell word is that?


i hadn't noticed. i guess 'cause she's hot?

didn't he already sing this song?

yep. maybe he thinks it's cool to be circular.

hip to be circular.