20 sept 01

So yesterday morning I lost my job. And got it back again at the end of the day. That was fun, oh yes, a real blast. The worst case scenario has always been that the client would decide not to renew their contract, and that there wouldn't be a spot on a different project here to move me onto. This is what indeed happened, and I throughout the course of the day I received emails telling me where to get boxes to pack my personal belongings in, where to get a pass to gain access on the weekend so I can pick up these packed boxes, and setting up an appointment with HR to go over my termination papers. I was upset, to say the least. I was contemplating a change in career direction. I was considering moving out of New York. But then they told me that there is indeed a spot for me, they had my papers pulled, and so here I stay. Phew. Apparently some of the people I've been working with put in some very good words for me as well, for which I am extremely grateful.