15 aug 01

The guys who "fixed" the leak in my roof months back showed up unannounced this morning to measure my windows. Apparently the windows in the kitchen and bathroom (which face the back of the house) are being replaced. Part of me is glad because I'll have screens that fit and windows I can clean, but I like the old wooden window frames with the nine panels in the upper part. They have character. The new windows will be plastic double-hung windows just like the boring windows on the other side of the house. I asked the men if I could keep the windows after they're removed and they just looked at me like I was insane. I figure there's gotta be something I can do with them, now or later.

Anyway. New graphomanic project coming asap so then you'll have something to do when you're inevitably disappointed by the lack of muteage. What can I say, I'm not feeling very talkative. Not feeling very graphomanic. If anyone else has something to say, however, I'd be happy to run a guest mute. Anyone? Anyone?