6 aug 01

I know, I've been delinquent. I've been busy. I've been delinquent and busy and lazy. Everything is taking longer than I want it to. I was supposed to have my performance review at work last Wednesday, but then it was postponed until Friday, and then it was postponed until this morning, and now it's postponed until sometime later this week. For someone like me who tends to stress mightily over things like performance reviews, this is not good. Anyway, I have nothing to tell you. I hope you don't find this disappointing. Would you like to know what's in my pockets? Okay, here are the contents of my pockets:

Right front pocket: Nothing.

Left front pocket: Two quarters and three dimes. The dates on the quarters are 1989 and 1995. The dates on the dimes are 1999, 1997, and 1994.

Back right pocket: Time Warner Inc. identification card.

Back left pocket: MTA Metro Card.