14 april 01

And so concludes my first week as an Assistant Art Director at Time Inc Custom Publishing. I filled out tax forms, a medical coverage form, a corporate card application form, a transportation reimbursement form, a direct deposit form, and a business card printing form. I attended meetings. I made various appointments for various things and did not talk to my parents. I created templates and then designed 15 spreads of the catalogue I was hired to work on. I baked and frosted a layer cake, took my boyfriend to Cirque du Soleil for his birthday, met up with Leslie (tanqueray gin martini extra dry straight up with olives) and posted Rebecca's story. This weekend I will do some or all of the following: mail my taxes, renew my gym membership, buy shoes for the wedding, go to the library, enjoy the weather, design a poster, attend a play, edit an essay, buy a book, sleep in.