2 april 01

Day One of Week Four of Non-Voluntary Unemployment

* Emailed my resume to the creative staffing agent who only this morning returned my call from last Monday.
* Worked on the next story to be posted on Graphomanic.
* Stopped at a local eyeglass shop to have the screw replaced in my sunglasses. While there, a young man came in and said he was there on behalf of Steve Buscemi who broke his glasses while out of town and needed a new pair, same frames as last time. I figure that when I start my theoretically upcoming job (still haven't received the offer in the mail) and have full benefits, I might as well go back to this place to have my eyes examined. Hell, if they're good enough for Steve Buscemi, they're good enough for me.
* Went into Manhattan to get tickets for the Jim White show in a few weeks. The box office was located in the bar next door to the club, so while waiting for my tickets to be printed I watched the few couples sitting at the bar. What a fine idea, I thought, to go for a drink in the middle of the day. Of course, while having a drink in the middle of the day with a friend seems like a somewhat decadent rare treat, having a drink in the middle of the day alone suggest alcoholism. Alas.
* Bought a book. Chose a $12 paperback rather than a $25 hardcover. I am unemployed, after all.
* Made some reservations for some things.
* In an hour or so I will go to the bar, though my fellow monday night regulars are both out of town.