8 march 01

Today started out harmless enough. Normal morning routine at home, and I returned some videos on the way to the subway. Once on the train I took an empty corner seat by a window. As I reached into my bag to pull out the book I'm reading, the man next to me reached down into the large shopping bag at his feet to push play on his boombox. As the train began moving in the direction of Manhattan, the entire car was filled with the unfortunate sound of "More than Words" by Extreme. I closed my book since I couldn't possibly concentrate on what I was reading, though the man next to me seemed to have no problem reading his book (which was in Russian, so I couldn't tell what it was about). So there he was, reading a Russian novel and listening to Extreme, while I sat pondering. Why did he start playing music just now as I got on the train? Is this really the entire Extreme album? Do people really own this album? Could it be part of a compilation? Like, for instance, Monster Ballads of the 90's? Did this person order Monster Ballads by calling a number he saw on his television screen? Did he purchase it in Russia thinking it was cool American rock music? Is it my duty to inform him that this was not cool American rock music? Then my brain called up the "More Than Words" video (long-haired rockers with accoustic guitars on chairs in a sparse room, being melodic and sincere). Finally the song ended and my fellow F train passengers and I were treated to a version of Tom Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle" that should have been outlawed. I have no idea if this was also Extreme or rather the next track on Monster Ballads of the 90's. Either way, the guy took his book and his shopping bag and exited at the next stop, to be replaced by a women reading "Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Health."

When I got to work I was told that the creative director wanted to see me. Turns out that due to freelance regulations blah blah blah after next Tuesday I can't come back to work here since my 1100 hours will be up. Gotta love the advance notice. So one thing lead to another and I accepted a permanent position. Aaaaaaack. It's less money than I would have hoped for but I might get a cool title and the benefits are great (free admission to all museums except for the Guggenheim, which is the one museum where I have a membership, woo!). So my freelance days are numbered. Numbered at one, actually, since I might as well take next week off while they figure things out (like how to hire me despite the freeze AOL put on hiring. Gotta love mergers). It might be fun to spend a week of vacation in New York, as long as I don't sit on my ass in my apartment all day every day. I think I'll have a party. Or a gathering. Next thursday maybe. To celebrate taking my freedom and shoving it blindfolded out of a moving vehicle.

Also today, I was sent a link to a site that tells you what the number one hit was in both the US and UK on the day you were born (or whatever date you might be curious about). Next time somebody calls me a freak, I'm blaming the number one singles of December 25, 1975:

US: That's the Way (I Like It) —K.C. and the Sunshine Band
UK: Bohemian Rhapsody —Queen