16 february 01

OK, I lied. There is no Part Two of the London Adventure. I wrote up a few paragraphs, and then rewrote them in outline form, and you know, it just wasn't a very interesting read. My official reader/critic agreed that it wasn't very inspired. I guess you had to be there. So, you'll just have to live without hearing the details of drinking absinthe (at a bar called Alphabet which, given the "A is for Absinthe" alphabet book up on graphomanic, is too brilliant to be coincidence), of the wine bar with the killer cheese plate, or the gay bar where we passed as lesbians. Or of visiting the Tate Modern, of discovering magmabooks (and drooling appropriately) and successfully locating lush and rough trade records. The real pity, however, is that you won't get to hear about the wonders of British television, specifically BBC 4. First it was the show featuring two guys commenting on clips from porn and blaxploitation kung fu films, a la Mystery Science Theater 3000. Then there was the low-budget show (whether it was a series or tv movie was unclear and I didn't watch long enough to find out) "A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell" which featured typically scantilly clad "barbarians" and very little dialogue besides an inexplicable and highly disturbing use of Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky." Nothing, however, was quite as impressive as stumbling across an old episode of "The A-Team" dubbed in German. Otherwise, we had high tea, went on walking tours, drank cider and guinness at various pubs, closed a bunch of bars (gotta love the midnight curfew), ran into an old friend of mine from school who was also in London for 4 days, and had no incidents with half-naked men on the flight home.