3 january 01

So let's see. Open Letters is closing down, which makes me very, very sad indeed. The writing on that site has always been a pleasure to read. The honest, personal narratives in letter form (and edited by the magazine's editor) are tighter and more effective for me than a lot of what I see around. Alas, no more.

Speaking of letters, I've come across The Dead Letter Office which is vaguely similar to an early project idea for graphomanic, except that the people posting letters at The Dead Letter Office are all, well, dead.

Speaking of letters, I haven't sat down and written a good old-fashioned letter with a purpose in quite a while. You know, one with drafts. I think I'll write one to my parents.

I've got three or four people who have led me to believe that they're writing something for graphomanic, so there's hope yet for new material. First person to actually send me something gets a present from me in the mail.

A fellow in Ireland wrote to me that mute is "very interesting but stupid." I suppose that's better than boring and stupid. Maybe very interesting and wildly intelligent is just too far out of my range.